ShopperView liquor – updated with a ‘new look’

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ShopperView liquor – updated with a ‘new look’18 May 2017

koji has been monitoring Australian liquor shopper behaviour for 4 years now (across off-prem/on-prem/online), in our ShopperView service. But, we’ve recently made some changes…

We’ve listened to clients who’ve said they don’t need the “bells and whistles approach” with all the information beyond their needs.

We’ve acted and ShopperView now comes in a range of bite-sized, flexible and custom reports at a cost effective price point (from $7k).

There are separate modules on each channel, banner, category, segment and key sales period. There are modules that cover ‘who’ the liquor shopper is and ‘why’ they behave a particular way (videos). And there are modules that determine ‘what’ can be done to change shopper behaviour (supporting store trials) and ‘how’ initiatives are going in store (auditing trials).

See an overview here: ShopperView Overview

Or get in touch with your koji manager for more information

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