The basket-insights report for FMCG marketers.

snapshot by koji® is a Data Product that delivers basket-insights to FMCG brand marketers in simple, easy-to-understand and customizable reports. Developed using de-identified grocery and liquor data from Australia’s largest independent grocer network, snapshot by koji® is the new accessible way for marketers to understand grocery transaction trends, as well as basket and category share. snapshot by koji® is available as both a regularly refreshed report or as a customized dashboard and has been designed by koji, the shopper research experts, to deliver the basket-data that ‘matters mostʼ to FMCG marketers – without any lock-in contracts or hefty technology fees.

Understand when customers are purchasing your product; time of day, day of week and loyalty in category over time

Use Cases & Benefits

  • Capture basket and category share insights
  • Enrich customer personas with additional demographic, behavioral and product preference insights
  • Reveal impact of pricing promotions, store placements and more
  • Compare transactions across multiple geographic locations
  • Benchmark ‘gains and lossesʼ for your product within your category

Product Features

  • Regularly refreshed and easy-to-understand report (Ideal for internal distribution)
  • Metrics and variables customized to your needs
  • Can be configured into custom dashboard (BYO BI tool)
  • No lock-in contracts or technology fees – just accessible shopper insights

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Product Attributes




All key demographics


Grocery & LiquorTransactions





Product Example

Click to see a demo report. Metrics can be customized to your product and category.

About koji

koji is an Australian-owned market research and consulting agency focused on helping clients understand their shoppers and the retail landscape. kojiʼs team draws on over 25+ yearsʼ experience in research, management consulting and project management. Whether its bespoke consulting, ready-to-use insights products or shopper insights technologies, the koji team are the specialists when it comes to actionable shopper insights.

About the data

snapshot by koji® has been developed using de-identified grocery and liquor data from Data Republicʼs Open Data Marketplace. The source data features five yearsʼ of itemised basket and loyalty data from Australia’s largest independent grocer network – equivalent reach nationwide to Coles and Woolworths combined.

Data Sourced Form

  • Five yearsʼ itemised basket data
  • Over 20 million baskets
  • Nation-wide basket coverage (Australia)
  • Includes liquor transactions

Priced from $18,000 AUD

Actual price depends on data coverage, agreggation and use.

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