Range Optmisation

About This Project


The Client Issue

Which new product do we launch to obtain the greatest brand and category growth?


The Situation

A non-alcoholic Ready-to-Drink beverage company needed to know whether new packs would incrementally grow or cannibalise the volume of product being sold. We needed to find out which combination of packs, price points, and promotions would maximise revenue.


The Approach

First we created virtual reality stores to simulate an in-store experience for shoppers. Then we conducted online ‘shelf-set’ choice modelling with 4,000 respondents who made product selections in varying shelf line-ups and pricing scenarios.


The Outcome

Our clients used the results to build a forecast of incremental revenues for the successful launch of recruitment packs in Coles and Woolies. Using that, they convinced both retailers to carry the new format in their stores.