Overcoming Sales Decline

About This Project


The Client Issue

Why were our Christmas sales down and how do we fix it?


The Situation

The client needed a diagnosis for the cause of their product’s poor performance, and they wanted to put together a strategy for the following Christmas.


The Approach

We pulled together complementary data from four sources (shopper tracking (koji), brand tracking (TNS), sales data (Aztec) and ad hoc customer feedback (Vision Critical) to uncover the story behind the lagging Christmas sales. We uncovered a series of correlated findings through the four studies to provide a simple story line: sales performance was down despite brand performance/perception being steady, because a competitor had launched a colourful Christmas pack that ideally suited the category shoppers who are attracted to new and attractive packaging.


The Outcome

Our findings were used the following Christmas period to create a series of job-lot runs of innovative pack designs to keep category buyers interested, which succeeded in bringing business performance back up that of competitors. Also, we don’t mind mentioning that the client awarded koji finalist in their ‘Agency of the Year’ award.